Managers and Staffs


Name: Shri Rajesh Kumar
Designation:  Manager Administration
Mobile : +91-7091496210
Email : rajeshkr[@]

Name : Shri Manish Kumar
Designation: Manager Finance & Accounts
Mobile: +91-7463884651
Email : mkumar[@]

Name : Shri M S Jambunathan
Designation : Manager ITeS
Mobile: +91-7463884652
Email: msj[@]

Name: Shri Subodh Kumar
Designation : Manager CEP
Mobile : +91-7091496215
Email : subodhk[@]

Name : Ms Nidhi Kumari
Designation : Secretary (KC)
Mobile : 0612--2324125
Email : nkumari[@]

Name: Shri  Akshay Kamal Pandey
Designation: EA to Director
Mobile : 0612-2324126
Email: akp[@]

Name: Shri Shashi Shankar
Designation: Purchase and Stores Assistant
Mobile : +91-7091496216
Email: sshankar[@]

Name: Ranjeet Kumar
Designation: Accountant
Mobile: +91-9835981812
Email: rajeetkr[@]

Name: Shri Junaid Alam
Designation: Project Associate ITeS
Email: junaid[@]

Name: Shri Md Ehsan Alam
Designation: Maintenance Engg. cum Supervisor
Email: mdehsan[@]

Name: Shri Mano Shankar
Designation: Program Assistant
Email: mano[@]

Name: Shri Anup
Designation: Consultant Engg. (CIVIL)
Mobile: 0612-2324132
Email: consultant-engg[@]

Name: Ms. Shikha Sharma
Designation: Project Associate
Mobile: 0612-2675180/181
Email: shikha[@]

Name: Dr. Sheetal Singh
Designation: Project Associate(CARE)
Mobile: 0612-2324116