About CoEDM

Centre of Excellence in Disaster Management (CoEDM) at the Development Management Institute

Under the auspices of the Disaster Management Department (DMD), the Centre of Excellence Disaster Management (CoEDM) has been established at Development Management Institute (DMI) with the following objectives:

  • Enhance competencies of all stakeholders in Disaster Management.
  • Achieve maximum preparedness and minimum loss of life and property from any disaster, natural or man made.

In realizing the above vision, the CoEDM would strive to provide end-to-end knowledge solutions for various stakeholders to effectively contribute to a ‘Resilient Bihar’ through strategic and systematic Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Change adaptation strategies and actions.

Thrust areas for CoEDM are as follows:

  • To strengthen the capacity of stakeholders of different departments in the government, Urban Local Bodies, Panchayati Raj Institutions and Civil Society Organisations for better preparedness, prevention and mitigation of disasters on a regular basis for effective implementation of the DRR roadmap of the state
  • To undertake collaborative research with national and international institutions for developing cost effective and community-based disaster preparedness and response systems
  • Utilising evidence-based action research to support policy decisions for enhanced disaster preparedness
  • To promote education in disaster management through short term certificate and medium to long term diploma courses

The CoEDM is dedicated to Capacity building, Research and Education in the area of Disaster Management to primarily serve the state of Bihar but eventually grow into a regional resource center covering the eastern and north-eastern states of the country. An MoU has been signed with the DMD and the Centre is drawing up a comprehensive work plan in consultation with relevant stakeholders.

 CoEDM - Team 
1. Prof Amrita Dhiman Faculty and Coordinator - CoEDM
2.Dr. Vivek Kumar SinghAdjunct Faculty, CoEDM
3. Shri Naveen kumar
Information and Communication Technology Expert
4. Dr. Nishant Vats
Project Associate- Climate Change
5. Shri Chandan Kumar
Project Associate - Training & Development
6. Ms. Komal Priya Singh Project Associate- Disaster Management
7.Shri Adarsh Bharat
Administrative Assistant