About DMI

Development Management Institute (DMI) was set up on February 13, 2014 pursuant to a desire of the Government of Bihar to establish a High Performing Knowledge Institution (HPKI). DMI believes that the livelihoods of small producers and marginalised people can be  enhanced by organising them to form member participation based, democratically governed institutions that leverage the strengths of collectives and build enduring partnerships with professionals for reaping the benefits of technology and market integration. Inspired by and recognising the growing need for Development Management Professionals, the Government of Bihar took the initiative to establish DMI as an autonomous institution. The rationale of DMI is best captured in its mission.

DMI endeavours to empower grassroots through:

Creation of a cadre of Development Management Professionals, through post-graduate academic teaching programmes;
Enhancement of competencies for Development Management Praxis, through Competencies Enhancement Programmes(CEP); Orientation of Vision, Values and Leadership Practices towards Good Governance, by working with organisations and institutions at different levels; and Engagement in networked trans-disciplinary Action Research and Policy Advocacy, through its Collaborative Action Research and Education (CARE) centres.