About Logo

The geometric approach signifies the rigour and discipline essential for any kind of development and growth.

At the centre is a solid square which portrays the institute and its strong inter-linkages with the external world, as seen by the four connecting routes to the outer octagonal shape.

Four honeycombed shapes surrounding the solid square represent the key stake-holders-State, Civil Society, Markets and the Community.

The leaf-like structures on all four corners signify an open book, strengthening the perception of an academic institution. The circles along with the leaves represent the blossoming of empowered graduates with an integrated learning of perspectives, operational competencies, and contextual understanding. The sharp yet dynamic form represents discipline, excellence, and mindful alertness.

Set in an earthy terracotta colour, the symbol portrays rootedness and humility with commitment to impart good education, that applied right, ushers in progressive well-being.