First Development Practitioners' Perspective (DPP) 2019

Some of India’s leading social entrepreneurs have spent decades building India through an enterprise by living and working among communities whose natural inclinations are towards ensuring sustainability. Academic events such as Development Practitioners’ Perspective (DPP) at DMI provides knowledge-base, network, motivation, understandability, and encouragement towards working with the grassroots of this country. Premiere institutions like Development Management Institute (DMI) is meant for creating an environment, where instead of looking only for jobs, the participants’ focuses also on creating employment opportunities for others too which is only possible when there is inclusion of change in the thought process and mentality of the people; events such as Development Practitioners' Perspective (DPP), helps serving the purpose by bringing social entrepreneurs, practitioners and students on a common platform.



1st Slot (09:30AM - 11:00 AM)

2nd Slot (11:15AM - 12:45PM)

3rd Slot (01:45PM - 03:15PM)

4th Slot (03:30PM - 05:00PM)


Monday (Jan 07, 2019)


Shri Rajesh Singhi,

Executive Director, Ibtada


Shri Bishnu C Parida,

Chief Operating Officer, JSLPS



Shri Narendranath Damodaran,

Executive Director, PRADAN




Tuesday (Jan 08, 2019)


Shri Mukesh Chandra Sharan,

Project Coordinator(FI), BRLPS


Shri Sharda Gautam,

Head crafts, Tata Trusts

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Shri Indrajit Verma,

Deputy COO, Satin Credit



Wednesday (Jan 09, 2019)


Shri Prasanna Khemaria,



Shri Indrajit Chaudhuri,

Chief of Party, PCI


Shri Manish Pandey,

Fellow, TERI



Thursday (Jan 10, 2019)



Shri Sunil Pandey,

Regional Manager, AKRSPI


Shri Manoj Prabhakar,

Chairperson, BWF


Dr. Vivek Sharma, Chief

Functionary, CARD

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Friday (Jan 11, 2019)

Shri Vijay Kumar,

VP - Operations, Vaya Fin Serve

Shri Ambika Prasad Nanda,

Head CSR - Odhisha, Tata Steel

Shri Sushil Kumar,

Zonal Head, Samasta Microfinance



Saturday (Jan 12, 2019)

Shri Rebti Raman,

Deputy Manager, GCMMF (AMUL)

Shri Debaranjan Pujahari,

Practice Leader, TechnoServe India

Shri Prasann Thatte,

Head (M&E), Reliance Foundation