EL Reports PDM-19-21

S.no. Library Code Author (Participants) Organisation name Organisation (Place & State) Title of the Report Faculty Guide Year of Report Keywords Abstract
1 DMI\LIB\PDM06\EL\G1 Abhishek Singh (PDM06002)
Aishwarya (PDM06005)
Surbhi Savarna (PDM06058)
Prashant Pravesh (PDM06035)
AKRSPI Skill profiling and potential assessments of students passout from our YUVA Junction centres Prof. Geetika Vashneya
Prof. Debashish Kundu
2 DMI\LIB\PDM06\EL\G2 Md. Faisal Azmi (PDM06025)
Akanksha (PDM06006)
Shubham Kumar (PDM06052)
Natwar Singh Rathore (PDM06028)
Amit Kumar Aman (PDM06007)
PCI Global Post Mass Drug Administration data analysis Prof. Sridhar Telidevara
Prof. S Rajeshwaran
3 DMI\LIB\PDM06\EL\G3 Payal (PDM06032)
Swarnlata (PDM06059)
Shubham Kumar Pathak (PDM06053)
Nilab Raj (PDM06029)
To understand the challenges and opportunities of children continuing their education due to closure of schools in Bhitiharwa Cluster Prof. Aditi Thakur
Prof. Shankar Purbey
4 DMI\LIB\PDM06\EL\G4 Saurav Kumar Ashwini (PDM06047)
Shivangee Shree (PDM06051)
Prince Singh (PDM06037)
Mayank Raj (PDM06024)
Gram Vikash Climate resilient agriculture Prof. Niraj Kumar
Prof. Surya Bhushan
5 DMI\LIB\PDM06\EL\G5 Minaz Fatima Dilshad (PDM06026)
Sweta Suman (PDM06060)
Satyam Prakash (PDM06046)
Manjeet Kumar (PDM06023)
Gram Vikash Status Assessment Survey(SAS) of functionality of Village Water Sanitation Committees (VWSC)/ Village Development Committees (VDC) Mr. Suman Kumar Prof. Gaurav Mishra 2020
6 DMI\LIB\PDM06\EL\G6 Piyush Ranjan (PDM06033)
Farhat Praveen (PDM06017)
Priyadarshi Abhishek (PDM06038)
Maniratnam (PDM06022)
JMF Impact of mineral Mixture on quality and quantity of milk Prof. Sridhar Telidevara
Prof. S Rajeshwaran
7 DMI\LIB\PDM06\EL\G7 Raman Kumar (PDM06042)
Khushboo Kumari (PDM06018)
Sanjeev Ranjan (PDM06045)
Adarsh Bharat (PDM06004)
Pidilite Project on crop yields against a package of practices adopted by each farmer Prof. Surya Bhushan
Prof. S Rajeshwaran
8 DMI\LIB\PDM06\EL\G8 Divesh Kumar (PDM06061)
Kumari Prachi (PDM06020)
Pushp Ranjan (PDM06039)
Kishan Kumar (PDM06019)
Wash-DMI 1.Review of WASH indicators in national surveys in India with reference to state of Bihar. 2.Assessment of Hand hygiene practices in rural Bihar in the context of COVID-19 (Telephonic survey). 3.Assessment of the toilet usage behavior during COVID-19 pandemic in the rural Bihar (Telephonic survey). Prof. Gaurav Mishra
Prof. Debashish Kundu
9 DMI\LIB\PDM06\EL\G9 Soumya Ranjan Pala (PDM06055)
Pooja Shaw (PDM06034)
Ankit Kumar Singh (PDM06010)
Ashwani Kumar (PDM06014)
IBTADA Analysis of Baseline survey conducted for livelihood project in collaboration with Axis Bank Foundation Prof. Niraj Kumar
Prof. Geetika Vashneya
10 DMI\LIB\PDM06\EL\G10 Madhurendra Kumar Nirala (PDM06021)
Rashmi Rani (PDM06043)
Rajan Kumar Sinha (PDM06040)
Ashish Kumar (PDM06013)
SEWA MANDIR Increase household income levels by enhancing the natural resource base, improving production techniques and strengthening women and community institutions for collective action towards greater livelihood security. Prof. Aditi Thakur
Prof. Shankar Purbey
11 DMI\LIB\PDM06\EL\G11 Suraj Gautam (PDM06057)
Deepsikha (PDM06015)
Ravi Mahto (PDM06044)
Prem Prakash (PDM06036)
AMRAKH To develop a sustainable livelihood plan for the Amarakh GP based on the available baseline data. Prof. Hemnath Rao H.
Prof. Amrita Dhiman
12 DMI\LIB\PDM06\EL\G12 Ankit Kumar (PDM06009)
Smriti Sweta (PDM06054)
Saurav Kumar Sinha (PDM06049)
Ashish Kumar(PDM06012)
RUKHAE To develop model guidelines for strengthening the standing committees in the Rukhae GP under the Bihar Panchayati Raj Act to enable the GP to function as a grassroots level enterprise in local governance effectively Prof. Amrita Dhiman
Prof. S Rajeshwaran