Development Practitioners' Perspective

Some of India’s leading social entrepreneurs have spent decades building India through an enterprise by living and working among communities whose natural inclinations are towards ensuring sustainability. Academic events such as Development Practitioners’ Perspective (DPP) at DMI provides knowledge-base, network, motivation, understandability, and encouragement towards working with the grassroots of this country. Premiere institutions like Development Management Institute (DMI) is meant for creating an environment, where instead of looking only for jobs, the participants’ focuses also on creating employment opportunities for others too which is only possible when there is inclusion of change in the thought process and mentality of the people; events such as Development Practitioners' Perspective (DPP), help serving the purpose by bringing social entrepreneurs, practitioners and students on a common platform.

First Development Practitioners' Perspective (1st-DPP)

Second Development Practitioners' Perspective (2nd-DPP)