About Leadership and Governance

The Centre for Leadership and Governance aims at Enhancing the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Governance Systems and Structures; Increasing Citizen Participation and Collaboration; Reducing Information Asymmetry; and Transparent and Accountable Implementation. Peace, prosperity, harmony and fulfilment require convergence and congruence between the functional result of government, market, civil society and community. While a fair degree of convergence and congruence will result in peace, prosperity, harmony, and fulfilment, divergence and incongruence are likely to lead to conflict, marginalisation, dissonance, and frustration. There may be many forms of manifestation of the divergence and incongruence, including violence in societies. The Centre for Leadership and Governance aims at enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of governance systems and structures; increasing citizen participation and collaboration; reducing information asymmetry; and transparent and accountable implementation. The Centre plans to impart leadership and governance competencies for firmly establishing participatory governance and management practices at multiple levels.