Dr. S Rajeshwaran ( Professor )

Dr. S Rajeshwaran
Email : sraj@dmi.ac.in

Summary of Experience

Dr S Rajeshwaran is a veterinarian, rural management professional and a doctorate in Public Policy from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. He brings with him 35 years of work experience across the entire vertical of dairy value chain and the country.
He now works and teaches policy making and strategy formulation, implementation, monitoring using latest tools in information and communication field such wireless networks, IPv6(Internet Protocol version 6.0), IoT(Internet of Things) Blockchain technology, AI(Artificial Intelligence), ML(Machine Learning), etc., which are cost-effective and have high leverage on outcome. His interest lies in using these technologies to empower those at grassroot level, so called Bottom of the Pyramid section who have little or no resources and whose objective function is risk minimisation not profit maximisation / capital formation.
He has about 35 years of experience in dairy, livestock and non-farm livelihood sector in rural India and Malaysia
He successfully headed a dairy cooperative with a turnover of over Rs. 500 million per annum, as its Managing Director
He has provided hands-on training to more than 5 lakh women across India in financial management of dairy animal rearing and other micro-businesses.
He has effectively carried out Developmental / Business projects (as sustainable business models) including strategy building, planning, implementation, monitoring &evaluation on dairying and allied Micro-Enterprises
He adopts innovative and integrated approach to sustainable farming & livelihoods.
His last assignment was handling dairy development and livelihoods space at IRMA as a visiting faculty / senior research consultant.

Area of Interest

Policy, Strategy, Livelihood, Dairying, Blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Inclusive growth


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c) Determinants of milk price in India: An exploratory study, Rajeshwaran, S, Naik, Gopal&Garud, Niharika, presented as Conference paper at the       10th Annual International Conference on Public Policy and Management at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore   (2015) https://www.researchgate.net/publication/281003674_Determinants_of_Milk_Price_in_India_An_Exploratory_Study

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Faculty Qualification

Doctoral Programme : FPM (PhD) in Public Policy,  Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (2018)

Post Graduation       : PGDRM  Institute of Rural Management Anand (1984)

Graduation              : BVSc  Tamilnadu Agricultural University (1981)


Conference Attended

•  10th International Public Policy Conference, Bangalore (2015)

•  11th International Public Policy Conference, Bangalore (2016)

•  VI Annual Convention of Society for Veterinary Science and Biotechnology Udaipur (2019)


Faculty Membership

Member of the Veterinary Council of India - (VCI/001257)

Faculty Working Papers


Faculty Consultancy Project's

S.no.   Client Organisation   Project Title and Focus
a)   Government of Uttarakhand (2018)   10-Year Road map of the livestock sector of Uttarakhand state – review of present status in terms of resources, institutions, market opportunities and identify focus areas for policy intervention in terms of maximum effect in the livestock sector for the Dept. of Animal Husbandry
b)   Government of Jammu & Kashmir (2017)   Development of marketing & production strategy for Pashmina goat woollen products in Ladakh (Looms of Ladakh) – Study of market opportunities and designing production systems beginning with the animals
c)   National Dairy Development Board (2014)   Impact assessment and Evaluation Study of Ration Balancing Programme – Designing and conducting field surveyes on farmers, institutions and analysis
d)   National Dairy Development Board (2012)   Costing of Artificial Insemination services in India Providing technical guidance on identifying cost-drivers and establishing interface with the agencies under study
e)   IFMR Trust, Chennai (2009)   Providing expert guidance on establishing a self-sustainable model for livelihood support through dairying for replication Pan India for the Micro Finance
f)   MS Swaminathan Foundation, Chennai (2009)   Community Management Plan for developing coastal bio-shield and livelihoods and integrating into the mainstream finance sector
g)   LRAMP, RIN, IIT Madras (2009)   Providing expert opinion on various innovative projects in the animal husbandry / livelihood field
h)   American India Foundation (2008)   Integration of Livestock the Organic Farming Agricultural activities of the NGO in the Tsunami affected region of Nagapatinam including Capacity Building of dairy animal owners