Prof. Surya Bhushan (Associate Professor)

About Faculty: 
Dr. Suryabhushan brings with him nearly eleven years of experience in industry, before moving to DMI. He did his doctoral studies in economics and is an alumnus CESP, JNU. He had worked in the marketing analytics domain at Accenture Digital for more than 9 years, prior to which, he had been associated with the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt. Ltd. (CMIE) for more than a year. He had liaised with policy makers at the Ministry of Finance, Planning Commission, and the editorial team of Indian Express. Dr. Bhushan's current interests comprise Agricultural Productivity Estimation, especially in the context of parametric and non-parametric framework, and Marketing Analytics. He has published in several leading refereed journals in India, of which the most cited paper "Productivity Growth of Wheat in India: a Malmquist Approach" was published in the Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics 2005.
Area of Interest: 
Prof. Bhushan is interested in micro-economics, macro-economics, econometrics, marketing analytics, agriculture productivity and growth
CARE- Well-being and Livelihoods.
Faculty CV: