Prof. Mallika Nawal (Assistant Professor)

About Faculty: 
Mallika is a Ph.D.* in Consumer Behaviour from IIT Kharagpur. Apart from her passion for teaching, she is a prolific writer with four management books and one work of literary fiction to her name. While her management books serve as prescribed textbooks at several institutes/universities across India, her literary fiction on 'Gender Vulnerability' was nominated for The Hindu Best Fiction for 2014. She is also a regular columnist for Swarajya magazine with a dedicated column in every issue, where she writes about burning socio-cultural and socio-political issues. She also contributes articles to different media houses that span web-based blogs, magazines and newspapers. She has over 7 years of teaching experience and about 2 years of corporate experience. Prior to joining DMI, she has taught at Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar, S. P. Jain Center of Management Dubai and IIT Kharagpur. She has also served as visiting faculty for training administrative officers, at Gopabandu Academy of Administration Bhubaneswar. She also serves as an Advisory Board Member on the Sahoo Foundation for Global Development and as a Panelist on the WHO's Network of Experts of Psycho-Social Working Conditions in Developing Countries.
Area of Interest: 
Prof. Nawal's interest spans Communication for Development, Marketing Research and Analytics, Marketing for Development, Gender Issues, and Climate Change and Sustainable Development.
CARE- Well-being and Livelihoods.
Faculty CV: